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Professional Foot Health Practitioner in Polis

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About Me

My name is Andy Prime, and I moved to Polis with my wife and daughters in March 2016 to set up Cyprus Foot Care.

My parents moved to the Polis area of Cyprus some years ago and they love the area and the island. As for us, we also fell in love with the island on our very first visit. Having planned a new start together, we sold our home in the UK and set off on our new adventure. And, as they say, here we are!

Why Foot Care?

Well, I have had a varying career. I've worked in a large retail company, both in-store and at head office, and as a Global Support IT Manager in the software world, before setting up my own cleaning business.

My wife Janis has been a nurse all her working life, primarily working for the NHS in the UK, including many years as part of the Oncology nursing team at the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre. Her role was demanding, but also rewarding, and I too wanted to experience that satisfaction of helping other people enjoy a better quality of life. After damaging my own feet and tendons playing sport, I felt feet were the place to start! So, I hung up my footy boots and started to study…

I proudly qualified as a Professional Foot Health Practitioner from Stonebridge College in Bude, Cornwall, with a Diploma (Distinction) in Theory. I then acquired a Diploma in Practical (Advanced) Training.

I, along with my wife Janis, and daughters Lauren and Olivia, am excited about this new adventure. I look forward to assisting you in any foot-related problems you may have.

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